Titanium Ear Pick

Titanium Ear Pick
  • Titanium Ear Pick
  • Titanium Ear Pick
  • Titanium Ear Pick
  • Titanium Ear Pick
Product name : Titanium Ear Pick
Product No. : 201754222354
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titanium alloy




about 7g


Natural and Colorful


CNC Machined



We've launching a humanized titanium ear pick, completely subvert the traditional one,use of cylinder head groove design, to overcome the traditional,only be in a position to pay the disadvantages of 360 degrees using, very clean and nice!

Why Titanium

1 : Lightness

Titanium is 4.51g/cm3 in density, higher than aluminum , lower than steel, copper and nickel, who se intensity tops in all metals. In other words, its weight nearly aluminum at the same volume. However, its intensity is stronger than aluminum or even stronger than steel.


2: Free from rust acids and bases

Titanium is kept rust-proof in deep sea and stable in all kinds of medias , like hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and even mixed acid.The reason is titanium generates a high density and hard oxide layer, which protects it from corrosion.


3:Healthy Environment and Human-friendly

   As the titanium is non-toxic and perfect compatible with the human bod and blood, it is widely adopted in the medical for making human apparatus, Besides, Titanium belongs to non-magnetism metal, it will not be magnetized.


4 : Heat & Low temperature resistance

The melting point of Titanium is extremely high, And Titanium can be used for a long time in over 600degrees environment, its intensity gets intensified as the temperatures falls down .But its plasticity can be kept almost constant. For this reason,titanium is the ideal material for low-temperature containers, reason , titanium is the ideal material for low-temperature containers.


5 : Stronger than steel

Titanium shows a high ultimate performance (tensile strength/yield strength),that means titanium products not easy to deform after forming . Go this big ratio, ti makes a big resilience when the titanium products form..


6 : Good heat transfer performance

Titanium metal’s thermal conductivity is lower than the carbon steel and copper, but because of its excellent corrosion resistance, so the wall thickness can be greatly attenuated, and the surface and steam’s heat exchanger is dropwise condensation, the heat resistance is reduced, it can be also reduced if the titanium surface is fouling-free, so that the titanium heat exchange performance is improved obviously.



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