Titanium Sputtering Targets for vacuum Coating

Titanium Sputtering Targets for vacuum Coating
  • Titanium Sputtering Targets for vacuum Coating
Product name : Titanium Sputtering Targets for vacuum Coating
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Titanium Disc can be found in a multitude of thicknesses and widths. Other metals are easily cast and formed, but being a reactive metal, titanium needs to be handled in an inert environment. This inert environment is essential because when titanium is exposed to the atmosphere, it will embrittle and damage the metal.

There have been many advances made in tooling to help with fabrication processes like: welding, new torch cups allow for more gas coverage, and new tools, for purging spool assemblies. Machining continues to improve as time goes by. Machine manufactures are constantly building bigger, stronger machines to better work with titanium.




Grade1 to Grade4 CP titanium






Gr23(Ti-6AL-4V ELI)


Thickness1-20mm x Width 200-300mm x Length 500-600mmL


Titanium has the advantages of Corrosion Resistant, Light Weight, High Hardness and some other advantages.

So the titanium is also used for bulidings, decoration for ceiling and wall, and some other decorations, this demand

urged the rapid expansion of the surface treatment to titanium.

Below are some titanium surface treatments:

1. Annealing and Pickling

Pickling with buddha acid hydrogen, the surface of the titanium is a beautiful fresh silver color. Pickling with buddha acid hydrogen

is very fast and cheap cost, however, a lot of small factories discharge the titanium pickling pollution to river or field, this is a very

serious pollution to environment!

2. Vacuum Annealing

After cold rolling, it is titanium vacuum annealing, and keep the titanium smooth and neat while it is vacuum annealing.

After vacuum annealing, the color of the titanium is silver, comparing to the color of pickling, this silver color is a little grey gloss silver.

3. Blasting

Blast 100 – several hundreds um of glass ball, metal ball, or sand to the surface of the titanium under a high perssure of

compressed air, to make the surface of the titanium as a matt finish. This titanium is mainly used for decoration.

4. Embossing

By errosion or mechanical method, making different design on the surface of the titanium.

5. Etching

The most common method of etching for Logo or some short words on titanium is with electric etching. There is also titanium etching with potion.

6. Mirror finishing

Titanium mirror finishing is difficult, because titanium has a big appetency to other material.

EST available in a variety of sizes and diameters.For more sizes,custom lengths/sizes and large quantities, please forward your requirements  to sales@bjdsti.com

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